On your guest list, you may have a handful of little ones who aren't old enough to enjoy our usual treat boxes. We understand this and have in our inventory, a limited number of treat boxes for babies, aged between 0 to 2 years old. 
Each box contains an age-specific and child-safe bath toy/rattle as well as a BPA-free sipper cup (different sizes and colours available) or bottle and a Carter's Bib. Please check with us on available designs. You may also specify the gender of your guests and we will try our best to provide you with pinks or blues to make your gift a thoughtful one when saying thank you to your party guests.
Prices begin from $6.90 to $8.90 per box and items come in a coordinated box with tag.
Please indicate the colours you require. Low stock level for blues.

Lil Tots ABC Treat Boxes $7.00 NEW
This Alphabet treat box and tag comes with the following:
A Juice Training Sipper Cup,
A Fisher Price Pack of Flashcards
A Box of Crayons